3 European Vacation Ideas For Persons Of Limited Mobility 


If you are a person of limited mobility or if you have already moved into an assisted living facility but you are still hoping to vacation in Europe, you might be wondering which activities you should and should not take part in. 

Although many major cities in Europe are not necessarily set up for those with limited mobility, there are still many things you can enjoy on the other side of the Atlantic all the while remaining comfortable and safe. Here are just a few ideas to help you get started! 

Museums And Art Fairs

All major museums are accommodating to people who might not be able to spend two to five hours on their feet. They have special carts, wheelchairs and services for those who need to stay off their feet. Why not schedule a guided tour of a museum and also benefit from their ultra-accommodating services. 

You also should not exclude the idea of going to an art fair or a salon! Depending on the time of year you visit, there might be slews of art fairs to check out! You can request wheelchair access and discover new and emerging artists. 

Cooking Class Or Wine Tasting

Should you find yourself in Paris, Rome, Brussels or any other European culinary capital, you might be tempted by a cooking class. This is a perfect way to get to know the local cuisine all the while staying off your feet and not moving around too much! The same can be said for a wine tasting! 

You can have a two to three-hour cultural experience from the comfort of a seated position. What’s more, these sorts of activities appeal to people of all ages so you are bound to make new acquaintances during each one! 

Sight-seeing Tour In A Bus

In most major cities, you can visit all of the must-see monuments without having to walk from one tourist site to the next. In double-decker buses, you can ride around the city and have a splendid view of all the sites from well above the average person’s sightline. This means that you will have clear, uncrowded pictures that are taken from the best angle! 

What’s more, you can often take these tours with an audio guide that will enthusiastically explain the historical importance of each site you pass. It’s a perfect way to explore the city and not tire yourself out! 

If you are in an assisted living facility but still ready to travel, make sure you plan carefully and according to your physical needs. But most of all, know that Europe has a lot to offer you and it is an experience that should not be missed! 

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