3 Great Excuses to Go on a Trip….Now


Many of us see traveling as the ultimate luxury. After all, it can add up!  There are flights to pay for, accommodation to cover, and of course entertainment expenses throughout the trip. As such, many people assume traveling should only be a once-in-a-while treat. 

Yet, the truth is that life is too short!   One day you’ll be living in an assisted living facility looking back on your life and all that you did with it. Are you going to create a story that you’re proud of full of adventure and exploration, or will it be a story full of regret and missed opportunities? 

If you’ve been daydreaming about travel, then here are five great excuses to pack your bags, book a flight, and go on a trip now!

Last Minute Deals

Clicking around on a few last-minute deal websites may reveal affordable trips entirely within your budget. Embrace spontaneity, and splurge on a travel deal at the last minute!  Believe it or not, sometimes last-minute trips are the best kind, not to mention most affordable. 

Since travel agencies are often looking to sell their remaining packages as soon as possible, you can often find incredible deals for a fraction of the price had you bought them in advance. Consider signing up for travel alerts that keep you in the know with the latest last-minute deals. 

Consider putting a small travel fund aside each month so that you have what you need to take advantage of these deals should one come your way when you least expect.


Is Christmas around the corner? Perhaps your birthday is coming up, or the birthday of someone in your family. Holidays and special events are a great excuse to hop on a plane and go see the people you love.  After all, what could make a holiday more meaningful than spending it with someone you haven’t seen in a while?

Family Reunions

Chances are you’ve been invited to at least one or two family reunions over the years, to which you politely declined. After all, the price of an airline ticket just to see family is hardly worth it— right? Wrong!

You may be surprised to find that traveling for a family reunion can be incredibly meaningful. 

As the years go by your relationship with your family members may evolve, and people you were never close with, you may suddenly have an intense connection with. Besides, even if the family reunion is a flop, at least you’ll be in a different place, and in travel mode. 

You can always make the most out of your trip by doing something fun following the reunion if you don’t want to stick around.  The same goes for high school reunions. Many people are surprised to find that people they didn’t get along with in high school are wonderful people in their adult years! Yet they would never have known had they not gone to their reunion.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your suitcase and go on a trip whatever the reason. We’ll be willing to bet that you won’t regret it!

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