4 Reasons Why You Must Book Holiday Apartments In Copenhagen


Congratulations – You have finally decided to travel to Copenhagen! The Danish capital remains one of the most-loved cities in Scandinavia, and it can feel very different even from other cities in the country. There are endless things to enjoy in Copenhagen, and while this is not the cheapest city to travel, you will not mind splurging a bit more. If your tickets are booked, the next step is to check for accommodation. There are all sorts of hotels and stay choices, but nothing really beats the fun of staying at one of the holiday apartments in Copenhagen. In this post, we give you solid 5 reasons to choose serviced apartments over hotels in the city.

  • Because you get to stay in a posh area. Some of the best serviced apartments in the city are located in Østerbro (Copenhagen East), and these properties are aptly designed and have all the facilities that you would expect. What’s the best part? You can actually stay with the locals in the locality that they live in.

  • Because you have all the facilities. Copenhagen has all sorts of apartment hotels and rentals, but the most sought-after properties are the ones that have everything from fully functional kitchens, big balconies, private garden, laundry services and more. You will find that the staff of these apartments are always around to take calls.
  • Because you need privacy and comfort. For many travelers, those two aspects are just more than enough. They want to enjoy more on their trip, and it makes sense for honeymooners and families who want to have some sort of a private space. Serviced apartments in Copenhagen are often designed with utmost care to offer that home-like but upscale environment.
  • Because you can save money. Think of this – If you are traveling in a group of 10, you will have to book five hotel rooms, and that doesn’t make much sense, primarily because you can almost rent a penthouse for that price. Copenhagen hotels can be expensive, so in a way, the extra price is worth paying for a bigger property. The same holds true for business travelers, who are tired of staying in small hotel rooms, and that too, without any company.

If you can keep a check on the best properties and book the right one before arrival, we promise that you will have a much better time in the Danish capital.

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