5 Reasons Why Booking Your Train Tickets Online Is Better


Getting your train ticket at the station is a hassle with the long queues and the heat from the sun with hundreds, if not thousands, of people around you, hustling and bustling. Your railway ticket booking may take a couple of hours if there is a lot of rush and the travelling season.

Giving us the ability to complete your train ticket booking online is an incredible feat that technology has achieved. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. Convenient: You can complete your rail ticket booking online – quickly and easily. It is much easier to compare train tickets and explore routes to arrive at a particular destination. Booking tickets, checking your train status and even making cancellations can be done within minutes. The need to leave your home no longer exists as you do not have to go to the station to make reservations or have an agent who will make the bookings for you and charge extra commission. You can make the reservations online without any trouble.
  1. Discounts & Offers: Booking your tickets online offers a variety of discounts and rewards that you would not be able to acquire otherwise. Booking your ticket on a train ticket booking app is not only convenient, but it is also budget-friendly. By doing so, you can save a lot of money that you would have wasted on commission to an agent.
  1. Cancellations: Cancellations on your train booking have been made extremely easy with the help of online transactions. The cancellation charges get automatically deducted, and the rest of the fees automatically get refunded into your bank account. Therefore, you do not have to lose all your money on your train tickets if you need to cancel them. Only a specific amount gets subtracted, and the remaining fees come back to you.
  1. Interaction: For every introvert out there, being able to book their tickets online is one of the biggest blessings ever to exist. They can make their bookings from the convenience of their home and not interact with anyone. There is no need to make awkward conversations or inquiries with the employee at the ticket counter. You can book them on your phone, and nobody has to feel uncomfortable. Even the employees do not have to stay irritable since a lot of people book their tickets online. Therefore, it decreases their workload and their irritation as well.
  1. Inquiries: Making inquiries or asking questions to the employee at the ticket counter becomes difficult when either of you is frustrated. The employee may be irritated because of the sheer number of people they had to deal with before you came in, innocently asking a question without trying to impose. On the other hand, you could be frustrated because of the weather or the long queue you had to stand in. Neither of you is at fault in either of those situations. Booking your tickets online benefits both – the employees as well as the customers.

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