What if you are one of those who does not like to roam around the architect and resort. Or you are one of those who like to explore a city from a different angle. If you are more attracted to adventures than chilling and relaxing at an exotic resort. Welcome to Cube! Choose one of the Cebu tour packages from here. And enjoy thrilling adventure and exploration.

Reason to fall in love with Cebu:

Cebu is always been an attraction for history buffs. But the historical value is not everything to describe Cebu. With its geographical value, Cebu is always been an attractive point for an adventurer. Cebu shares a narrow coastline with more than 150 surrounding islands. Limestone Plateaus, coastal plains, beautiful beaches, 1000-meter tall hills, canyons, and whatnot. Even if you are not so attracted to adventures, or are someone who is always up for adventures, a Cebu tour has it all to challenge your enthusiasm. Find out your favorite adventure at

In love with the Falls: Badian Canyoneering of Cebu has everything to fall in love with. The crystal blue water, mystical atmosphere, 40-feet cliff, ice-cold waters, and climbing up to the cliff will certainly thrill you. Starting from the Kanlaob river, this journey will let you experience the calm and beauty of nature, and end at Kawasan falls in Badian by teaching you the language of silence.

Jump into the deep:  Are you afraid of height yet love to jump into the deep? Well, this available Cebu tour at will definitely give you a chance to overcome your fear. Or you can just enjoy the top view of Malapascua island. Now being the land of cliffs, Cebu can make you jump anytime anywhere into the deep blue seas.

Fly like a bird:  yes! you read that right. Everyone once in their life dreamed to be a bird and fly in the sky. Cebu is here to make your dream come true or you can just call it a daredevil sport. On Bantayan Island, a group of professionals offers skydiving to give some extra fun to sports lovers.

Climbed up to kiss the sky: Rock climbing is also among those extreme leveled sports offered in Cebu. Do not fear when a guide is there. A local trained guide will help you to get the climbing gear for rent and take you to 1013-metered tall Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu to kiss the sky.

Explore the Dark caves: The cave exploration of Cebu is quite famous among the geographical scientist as well as tourists. These outstanding natural caves hold a religious as well as historical value. It is considered to be the most sacred place in the Philippines.

Feel the soundlessness of Underwater:  Imagine yourself in the middle of those magnificent colored coral reefs, different types of pelagics, colorful fishes, turtles, reef sharks, and blue-green water. It will take you to the underwater city of the imagination.

Now pack your rucksack, buy your tickets and fly to Cebu. And Explore the undiscovered hidden mysteries of the universe. Before that don’t forget about searching for some best services available with us.

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