Planning a Rainbow Trout Fishing Trip: 5 Tips for More Fun and More Fish this Summer


Whether an individual is taking his truck, RV, or boat or traveling locally or across the country, planning a fishing trip can be mind-boggling, especially when having no prior experience. And this is not the point of the alaska trophy rainbow trout fishing trip. Catching the rainbow trout starts even before picking up the rod and reel. A bit of research and preparation can increase the traveler’s chance of catching the trout. This guide sheds light on helpful tips and tricks for a fun trip and catching more trout.

Know the Location

Knowing the perfect location in Alaska to catch rainbow trout fishing applies to multiple considerations:

  • What’s the weather forecast- rainy, windy, scorching heat? Weather is one of the significant factors that will affect a person’s comfort and fishing.
  • Can one get small, medium, or large-sized trout fish at a specific location? It will change an individual’s gear setup, flies, and more.
  • Does the area is equipped with local fishing guides?
  • Is the area have grocery stores, restaurants, or stores for supplies nearby?
  • How are the water levels, and what is the water temperature?

Considering all these factors beforehand will aid in having the best alaska trophy rainbow trout fishing experience.

Go Deep or Go Home

Although warm summer days are perfect for having an enjoyable fishing experience, warm water temperatures impact fish behavior, making it challenging to hook a catch. This problem can be easily solved by targeting the rainbow trout at a depth of 15-25 feet or fishing when the water temperature is low. The reason for this is rainbow trout need cool, oxygenated water, and in the summertime, when temperatures are highest, they can easily find cool water in the 15-25 foot range.

To reach this particular depth, sink fly lines fully with a rink rating of 6ips or add 1-1.5oz of weight for luring or baiting. In addition, people can use a fish finder to know the specific depth rainbow trout fishes are congregating.

The Early Bird Will Get the Worm 

Always remember that the early bird will get the worm when planning an alaska trophy rainbow trout fishing trip in the late summer. The primary reason for this is the temperature. In the late summer, water temperatures will be higher than normal, making rainbow tout quite sluggish and, thus, difficult to catch. Water temperatures in the early morning will be cooler, making trout more active and prone to feeding.

Smell Appropriately

Almost everyone thinks of grabbing sunscreen, oil, bug spray, gas, and other unnatural scents for a rainbow trout fishing trip. But the lesser they know is that these unnatural smells can turn away trout if touching the bait, lure, or fly.

Professionals recommend people grab some dirt and rub it all over their hands, then wipe them on some leaves or grass and wash them off in the water. It needs to be done before handling the lure or bait. The more natural smell a fly, lure, or bait will have, the higher will be the chances of hooking trout.

What can be Used to Hook Trouts?

Here listed are different breeds and tools that one can use to hook the trout:

  • For Fly Anglers: A leech or dragonfly nymph is an excellent choice in the late summertime. These big tasty treats will help an individual attract larger trout. Moreover, they can work well regardless of other insect hatches taking place.
  • Lures: Regarding lures, professionals recommend using Rooster Tails, FlatFish, Bang Tails, Mepps Spinners, Quick Fish, Small Apex, and more.
  • Bait: Baiting the hook using a small piece of worm, egg, maggot, corn, or artificial bait can greatly add to the lure. Always keep in mind that less is more. Therefore, too much bait can negatively impact the lure’s natural action.


If an individual is planning to participate in the alaska trophy rainbow trout fishing, knowing these tips will be of great help. Moreover, a participant should know that he can count on taking the trophy home by catching a 30 inches or long rainbow trout. In addition, when going for rainbow trout fishing trip, a fisherman should be responsible and ensure that he has acquired a valid fishing license.

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