Safety and Precaution Tips While Travelling Via Train


There are millions of people traveling via railway in few countries, especially countries like India many travellers’ primary mode of transportation is the railway. If they are travelling to an outstation or even in an intercity, trains are used widely and mainly by people as the fare is cheaper than flights and is also convenient. Hence it will be favored by many people in a country like India. Coronavirus, however, affected people since it restricted their movement, as they could not go anywhere within or outside the state. Even the trains were shut while keeping in mind the safety concerns.

Since the lockdown has been relaxing for the past few months, many people have started their movement of travelling in and around the city as railways have been resumed. Many people want to meet their loved ones and there are travel enthusiasts who want to explore but have halted due to this situation. Therefore, many people who want to travel are waiting in the queue. In case you decide to travel by train, here is the list of precautions you must take care of to travel safely.

  1. Buy tickets online. So it would avoid contact with many people and also lets you book from your comfort zone. Use a family locator app to keep your family updated while traveling.
  2. Wear an N-95 mask, gloves and carry a sanitizer while traveling. Make sure to wear a mask and gloves throughout the journey. It is also advisable to carry an extra pair of disposal masks and gloves while traveling.
  3. You should spray sanitiser on the seat where you will sit, as many people will have occupied it before you.
  4. Do not forget to carry essentials like a plastic pouch, water bottle, snacks, sanitiser, paper soap, towel, and many other requirements according to your needs.
  5. Always use a tracking safety app to update your family regarding your journey.
  6. Maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet from fellow passengers & staff. And never share your berth with your fellow passenger.
  7. Wash your hands frequently, also avoid touching your mouth, eyes, or your face.
  8. Be extremely careful while using the toilet in railways. Don’t touch anywhere especially after washing your hands with soap.
  9. Avoid purchasing snacks or any other item at the station.
  10. If a woman is travelling alone make sure to use the women safety app with the voice command SOS feature. It might be helpful in an emergency as well as helpful for the family to keep track in case of any delay.
  11. Always dump your used mask, gloves in a sealed bag and toss them into a closed dustbin.

These are just a few of the safety measures you can take while travelling out. Irrespective of how safe your itinerary is planned or how safe the travel will be, keep your personal security app in check.

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