What Amazing Features Do Hotel Booking Apps Offer?


Remember the old days when you would have to inquire among friends and family if they knew of any good hotel. And then call up 20 or more hotels before going on a vacation. And even after that, you need to check the facilities after you arrive.

At the time, perhaps you had wished for more time to research and book the perfect hotel. But that isn’t the case today. Technology has made finding and booking hotels very convenient, especially if you are constantly moving. Many mobile booking applications like OYO have been coming up that are a convenient and quick way to look up and book a hotel. Thanks to the internet and technology, planning a vacation is much simpler.

A hotel booking app can be beneficial if you’re looking for a last-minute room or if your travel plans have been disrupted. You might even get exclusive discounts and perks.

Gone are when travelers had to book vacation home rentals after reaching destinations. Instead, the travel and hospitality industry is booming because of increased online hotel booking.

Some critical and standard features of every travel booking app include-

  • Search Parameters

When you start looking for accommodation, the app lets you choose specific parameters like the city or place you want to visit. The dates you wish to check in and check out, the number of people traveling, or if you’re carrying a pet. And, lastly, the number of OYO Rooms you would require to stay in.

  • View of the accommodation

Hotel booking apps provide a view of the accommodation from all angles. You can then look at the pictures and videos of the hotels and then find accommodation according to what you are looking for.

These apps provide an overview, room status, gallery, maps, social media links, pool view, suggestions, and more.

  • Booking and Cancellation

As soon as you choose a hotel, you are directed to a secure payment gateway to make in-app payments according to your preference. Moreover, most hotel booking services provide you with a complete refund within the first 24 hours if you cancel your booking. So this feature is of great benefit for you. In contrast, hotel owners frequently face cancellations within just a few days of a visitor’s arrival. This happens since most cancellations are made just before the user’s arrival.

  • Create an account

All your information, including your wish list, booking history, currency, and preferred language, is stored in your customer account. Then, depending on the data the owners collect from your profile, you receive discounts and personalized offers.

  • Apart from the basic features mentioned above, many hotel booking apps also include intelligent features such as:
  • Recommendation Engine

These apps show you various recommended deals and offers from previous user searches. And with time, more and more data gets collected, which assists the algorithm and provides you with colossal results.

  • Cost forecast

There is a constant fluctuation in the price of travel and accommodation, making it difficult for people to calculate their final airfare and hotel costs. These apps free you from this problem by providing you with data from the records. In addition, the built-in algorithm within the app provides you with seasonal trends, offers, and discounts that assist you in booking affordable flights and hotel rooms.

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