Ways of Preventing the Local Kids from Getting Hungry During Summer Vacation


Summer vacations for kids are meant for enjoying, eating their favorite foods and visiting places they are fond of. There are millions of children in America who reside in a food-insecure household, where it is rather a difficult task to fulfill their daily needs of food. So, the summer vacation for them is associated with hunger and food uncertainty.

During the school years, the meal programs offered in the school serve the purpose. Most of the children who depend on school meals do not get enough amount of food during summer months. Some students are benefited by the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs and the community-based initiative. However, this is not sufficient to serve a large number of kids.

Steps to Save The Local Kids from Getting Hungry During Summer Months

Know About the Summer Meal Programs Located in Your Area

With the help of summer meal program locator, you can find the same. After that, you can start sharing it on social media sites like Facebook and many more. Speak about the programs at daycare centers. This develops awareness about these programs.

Encourage Public and Private Organizations

You can ask assistance from organizations like libraries, religious assemblies, etc. to come forward and provide meal programs to kids during summer. No Kid Hungry is a national campaign that is run in the United States to solve the problem of hunger and poverty. The organization runs programs with the local community to provide free food for kids. This is very helpful in making their summer vacations enjoyable.

It makes use of summer meals texting service. The parents and caregivers can send text message “FOOD” to the number 877-877 to locate free summer meal sites in their surrounding areas.

Expand Your Reach

You can write a letter to your congressional representative and ask for support and funding the summer programs. If this does not serve a purpose, you can share your opinion in the newspaper.

Make it a Simple Process

Even you can donate some food or money to your local food bank. Devote a few hours to do the community service for helping the kids during summer vacations. This task can be accomplished easily if you form a group with your close friends and relatives, and start a campaign of saving the children from hunger.


A few steps taken for this noble cause will surely bring a smile on the kid’s face. They will be able to enjoy their summer vacations and will not experience hunger pangs. The initiative needs to be taken up at all levels whether it is a private, public or a government organization to solve the problem of childhood hunger.

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